European Complement PhD mobility certificate

The ECN issues European Complement PhD mobility certificates to certify that PhD students, researching aspects of the complement system, have spent some time abroad to diversify their research experience by conduction research in another country than they are based in.

The requirements to obtain this certificate are that the PhD thesis of the candidate must be on a complement topic and that the student's research work has been performed in Europe for at least 3 months.

The student must provide the following documentation to be eligible for a "European Complement PhD mobility certificate":
a) A letter from the student requesting the European Complement PhD mobility certificate
b) A scan of the original university PhD certificate,
c) A statement from the supervisor that the topic of the PhD was on complement, and
d) A statement from the academic host specifying that the student stayed abroad in his/her lab for at least 3 full months - with the period abroad being within the student's PhD period.


PhD students who have received an European Complement PhD mobility certificate

Graduation PhD student Supervisor on complement topic Host for at least three month
2020 Marcell Cserhalmi Mihály Józsi, Budapest Suzan Rooijakkers, Utrecht
2020 Sneha Chatterjee Reinhard Würzner, Innsbruck Peter Garred, Copenhagen
2020 Samyr Kenno Reinhard Würzner, Innsbruck Neil Gow, Aberdeen
2020 Alessandra Zarantonello Gregers R. Andersen, Aarhus Michael Carroll & Beth Stevens, Boston
2021 Jill Hauer Richard J.H. Smith, Iowa City Véronique Frémeaux-Bacchi, Paris
2023 Sará Kellnerová Reinhard Würzner, Innsbruck Diana Karpman, Lund
2023 Lisa Hurler Zoltán Prohászka, Budapest Reinhard Würzner, Innsbruck
2023 Verena Harpf Reinhard Würzner, Innsbruck Peter Garred, Copenhagen
2024 Mariam  Massri Reinhard Würzner, Innsbruck Zoltán Prohászka, Budapest

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