Welcome to the homepage of the European Complement Network (ECN), a Pan-European non-profit scientific organization voluntarily managed by researchers and clinicians investigating the complement system in health and disease. Information on European and International teams investigating the Complement system and on our visions and activities are available throughout the website. All are invited to join the Complement community and to consult with the experts in the field. Feel free to contact us with any question on ECN and its activities.



Next ICS meeting:

2021: September 18th to 23th, Berlin, Germany, ICW 2021 


Next ECN meeting:

2022: August, Bern, Switzerland, EMCHD 2022



Sad news: Bob Sim passed away on the 6th of February 2021. A brief obituary by the ECN can be accessed here.


Sad news: Sir Peter Lachmann died on Boxing Day (December 26th) shortly after celebrating his 89th birthday. A short joint obituary by the ECN and ICS presidents can be accessed here.





Looking for specialized complement diagnostic labs in Europe?

Please click the link below. 

List of European Diagnostic labs that provide detailed complement analyses



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Early-Career Complementologists

The scientific youth organisation, Early-Career Complementologists (ECCO), has been started as a collaboration between the International Complement Society and the European Complement Network. Please find more online info here: Early-Career Complementologists

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